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Watch Britannia Season 1 Episode 4 Online

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Episode Name:Season 1, Episode 4
Air date:2/8/2018
Summary: With knowledge of Kerra's secret parley with the Romans, and Amena's machinations coming to fruition, Pellenor, believing Kerra has betrayed her clan, disowns and imprisons her. The king staunchly believes the Druids are the mouthpieces of the gods, so he throws Kerra to their judgement. Both know that when the Druids cast judgement on Kerra's mother, they demanded she be flayed alive as a sacrifice to the gods, and Kerra will likely meet the same fate. Sensing the end, Kerra releases her brother Phelan from his oath to protect her. She also receives a visit from Lindon. A relative newcomer to the tribe, he is a Gallic warrior and another of Amena's husbands, married to her by order of the Druids. Along with Phelan he is one of the only people in the entire Cantii clan sympathetic to her plight, and it becomes clear their relationship is more than mere friendship. The day of judgement arrives, and Kerra is brought before Veran to meet her fate. Elsewhere, Divis lays eyes on Aulus, and sees something within him. Something more than man.
Summary: When the Romans invade Britain in 43AD, Kerra, daughter of the King of the Cantii, is forced to put her differences aside with arch-rival Queen Antedia to face their invaders. The Romans, led by General Aulus Plautius, are determined to succeed where Julius Caesar failed and conquer this mythical land at the far edge of the Roman Empire. Aulus is a strong and resilient leader, but harbours a deep secret that threatens his mission. As tribes and Druids unite to fight the Romans, Kerra is thrust into the most important role of her life as she spearheads the resistance against the might of the Roman army.

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